My first interview of author: Sam Riversag

Photo Sam Riversag. French Author of novel "Pour un selfie avec lui" featuring actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Photo copyright Sam Riversag author of novel “A selfie with Benedict”.


Sam Riversag is a young author, living in France. She started writing two years ago, with her first novel Pour un selfie avec lui, which she published on Amazon. Alongside her career as a writer, she works as a lawyer for a well-known French company, after studying Law at university and living in French Guyana.

Her latest novel, A selfie with Benedict, is an ironic look into a world where men are weak, and women have strong personalities and are pigeonholed in ways they did not choose. With a mixture of feminist perspective with a romantic spin, Sam Riversag writes in order to portray her vision of a world full of frienship and betrayal.

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Hi Sam, can you tell readers little about your book, For a selfie with Benedict? What they can expect from the book?

Mary and Lola are quite typical of their generation…They’re fighters who don’t take life lying down. They want both professional and personal fulfillment. They’re looking for the love of their lives, the real article. They’re a couple of romantics dreaming about a Prince Charming and it’s for that reason their fantasies turn towards Benedict Cumberbatch, because he personifies the type of guy they’re desperately in search of. They want it all: an interesting career, a caring, attentive lover and to be able to start a family.

How did you come up with the idea for your book? The friendship of two fans of Benedict Cumberbatch as they struggle to achieve their dreams and find true love and happiness in London ?

It came by quite by accident really. Being a fan of the Sherlock series, I attended a convention and obviously the person who everyone wanted to see was Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of the series. When I saw a girl leaping up and down and hugging her mother round the neck, her cheeks blushing with joy and crying “Thanks, mum!” while waving a selfie of herself and Benedict as though it were an immense fortune, the thought of basing a novel on that situation sprang to mind and I wanted the main character to resemble her.

Tell us a little about the publishing experience.

I went down the self-published route, purely because I want to be free and love doing everything by myself. Marketing my own novel, creating the cover of the book are all things I wanted to do. I started writing this novel two years ago, finishing the first draft in around four months. Then I posted in on Amazon, and I ordered the hard copies later.

What was the most/least pleasing aspect of writing “A selfie with Benedict”?

To write a story in hommage to Cumberbatch. Simply because he’s a very talented and charismatic performer both on stage and screen, a child of the theatre. He portrays the arrogant yet charismatic genius capable of a devastating and sexually appealing logic. There’s such a suave, haunting air about him, a disturbing intensity in his gaze and then that deep baritone voice! He’s seductive in a sort of weird but intellectual way that drives you wild. (It isn’t just me who says that.) He’s got millions of fans all over the world, myself included. Apart from the actor there is above all the man who is good and humane.

What inspired you to adopt a humouristic for “A selfie with Benedict”?

Theatre has been a great inspiration; the pace of the action, the reversal of situations, the dialogue, the flamboyance of the characters, the actors speaking directly to the audience from the stage. P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster combo was a great influence as well: the upper-crust toff, Bertie, always getting himself into a jam and having to rely on Jeeves, the butler, to save the day. I owe a lot to movies for the sentimental angle, the more emotional passages of the story. I borrowed the idea of the impossible romance from the musical “La La Land”, which I try to convey in my own way, funny and offbeat.

What’s the best/worst thing about being an author?

My favorite part about being an author is actually writing and imagining stories, characters, and situations, but unfortunately that is a small percentage of what I have found that being an author entails. The ultimate reward is when people tell you that they laughed or cried whilst reading my book. It’s the most motivating feeling in the world. My least pleasing aspect is not getting off with marketing.

What is the next project you’re working on?

Having travelled widely, the experiences I have lived in various countries have further animated me to share my memories in print. After returning from a tour of the Amazon, I’m working on a novel which features as its main character a sensitive and somewhat romantic cop tasked with solving a complex mystery in order to save his son.

Can you describe “A selfie with Benedict” in five words?

Original. Funny. Addictive. Romantic. Modern.

Thanks Sam and good luck for the future.

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